Software Automation

Fully automated software testing was once a pipe dream, an unrealistic goal to those who grew up in the waterfall era of software development.  What was once impossible is now expected in the world of Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Integration.  Automated testing is a reality for those with the skills to implement it. has experience in updating legacy products dependent on manual testing to nimble, automated software projects that can release at a moments notice.  Greenfield projects can be prototyped in dasys WITH automated tests, documentation, and of course, working code.


Our team very experienced with Gradle, Selenium, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis.CI, Maven, Ant, Cucumber, Concordion, JUnit, TestNG, Spring, HK2, H2, Oracle, MySql, Sql Server, Sybase, Angular, ExtJS, and many other buzz-worthy tools and frameworks used to create quality software.